Scotland is the home to a truly stunning array of Wildlife. So what can I possibly see while I am out and about in Scotland we hear you say? OK so let us take a look at what is around:


Cairngorm Reindeer Centre, 
Inverness-shirePH22 1QU,
The Cairngorm Reindeer Herd is Britain's only herd of reindeer, found free ranging in the Cairngorm mountains in Scotland. Reindeer (Rangifer tarandus) are semi-domesticated caribou. Although similar, there are fundamental differences between reindeer and their wild cousins, caribou. Reindeer are shorter and stouter. Reindeer bulls are smaller than caribou bulls, but cows may weigh the same as caribou cows. Coloration differences may be too subtle to notice between many reindeer and caribou, however, reindeer tend to be lighter with occasional pinto or white haircoats. The nose bridge, or face, of reindeer are flatter than caribou. Reindeer tend to stay in more cohesive groups. When herded or chased they tend to run in a tight group, whereas, caribou are often scattered. These traits are the result of domestication. It is believed they have been domesticated in Eurasia for at least 7,000 years, which is longer than the horse. In Eurasia reindeer are classified as either domesticated or wild.


Highland Wildlife Park
PH21 1NL
Tel: 01540 651270

Experience Scottish wildlife past and present in the spectacular setting of the Highland Wildlife Park. See the amazing variety of animals found in present day Scotland, then step back in time and meet the animals that our ancestors must have known, hundreds, even thousands of years ago. Drive around the Main Reserve in your own car and then investigate the walk-round area by foot.


1.5 miles/2.4 km from Kingussie on the B970.

Tel:01540 661518    
This is one of Europe’s most important wetlands. Around half of all British goldeneyes nest here in spring. You’re also likely to see lapwings, redshanks and curlews, as well as oystercatchers, snipe and wigeon.
The marshes flood in winter and provide roosting and feeding for flocks of whooper swans and greylag geese.


Loch Garten Osprey Centre,
Tulloch, Nethy Bridge
Tel: 01479 821894
Open daily, April to August    
Loch Garten is famous for the ospreys that can be seen from the Osprey Centre in summer. As well as an excellent view of the nest, live video pictures are relayed back to the centre, where staff are on hand to explain what is happening.

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