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If you wish to make your unit available for rental through the Company, please complete the form above. All requests must be made in writing, preferably by e-mail if you have that facility, and all such requests will be acknowledged by SVL. The Company charges a commission of 15% (plus VAT) of the gross rent received, and the net amount will be paid directly into your bank account, by electronic funds transfer, on or around the end of the month in which the rental occurs. Please note that rental monies due cannot be off-set against any outstanding Licence Fees. SVL will use its best endeavours to rent your accommodation unit, but no guarantee that a rental will be achieved can be given. Accommodation units will not be accepted for rental if the Licence Fees have not been paid in full, if you have banked the week with an exchange company or where you have accepted an offer for the sale of your Unit.

The Company's Rental Tariff  is as below and the figures shown are the weekly rates: daily lettings are charged at approximately one-fifth of the weekly rate, but the minimum period for which a letting will be made is three nights. Please note that we do offer a 10% discount for repeat rental bookings and therefore your rental remittance may reflect this.

We will inform you (preferably by e-mail, failing which, by post) as soon as a confirmed booking has been received for your Unit. If you wish to withdraw your Unit from this arrangement at any time, you must notify the office in writing. In the event that the Unit has already been let and we have no other accommodation available, then withdrawal will not be possible.

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